Please fill up the contact form, our Sales Team will be in touch with you soonest on the registration procedure.

NO, Globe is web-based system where you just need a PC/notebook with Internet connection and you may login with username and password given to you.

You may get in touch with our Sales Team and an invoice will be sent to you with our bank account details stated. We have 2 options of payment, by bank-in the payment or by cheque. After you’ve made the payment by bank-in, you just need to send the payment slip via email or fax and your credits will be immediately topped-up. The receipt will be given to you afterwards.

NO, we do not charge for any other fees and we can guarantee that there are no hidden fees at all. It is solely for the SMS credits only.

NO, there’s no expiry dates for our credits.

Our system supports sending SMS in English and Unicode (multilingual solution, eg. Chinese, Arabic, etc).

For Normal SMS in English, you may send up to 160 characters. But there’s new regulation from Telcos to include “RM0.00” in every SMS, so the normal SMS will be able to hold up to 153 characters.

| ^ { } [ ] ~ \ and ‘Shift+Enter’ are special characters. Each of them will take up 2-character slots (Not applicable if you are sending unicode.)

Maxis : 62003

Celcom : 68886

DiGi : 68886

UMobile : 68886

TuneTalk : 68886

You are able to send SMS at the same fixed cost to Malaysia (depending on the packages & promos offered on that particular month). Countries outside Malaysia can also be reached but it will be under different cost level and different username & password. Kindly contact us for more information.

You may view the outbox report for the SMS that have been sent at any time. Furthermore, you are able to export the report into excel file, in case you need it for your management team.

Globe contact management system is dependable and user friendly. In addition to keying in your contacts manually, you can import database lists straight into your account via text files in CSV format (comma delimited) which is easily converted from Microsoft Excel. You can also perform grouping, editing and deletion functions. Our contact management system may hold up unlimited data entries, but it is recommended to import 30,000 numbers each group to avoid hassle.

We take any precautions necessary to protect your private information including the content of your messages as well as your account and billing details. However, we expect you to act responsibly when using your account login and password. Please do so by limiting exposure to this information to as few persons as possible and by regularly changing the password.

Please direct all product support and inquiries to Customer Care line +603-21622728.