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Dubbed as Asia’s most connected country by World Economic Forum, Singapore is one of the most saturated markets for the telecommunication industry in the Asia Pacific. Small in size, but Singapore’s competitive telecommunication market shows that there are an abundance of opportunities up for grab for digital marketers in the surrounding regions and beyond.

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Quick Facts
Population: 5,567,301 (July 2014 est.)
Capital: Singapore
Mobile Operators: Singtel Mobile (3.5mill), StarHub (2.18mill), M1 (2.1mill)
Active mobile subscribers: 8, 063, 000
Currency: Singapore dollar (SGD)

 Operator  MCCMNC  Price € (EUR)  Sender ID Delivery Report (DLR)
Singtel 52501, 02, 04, 07 0.06 Dynamic Sender ID Yes
Starhub 52505, 06 0.06 International MSISDN Yes
M1 5253 0.06 Dynamic Sender ID Yes