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Initially took off in 2000, the Philippines’ vibrant mobile communication market has now grown to have around 113 million mobile subscribers by early 2015. With a growing population and more engaged mobile users, Philippines offers an arrays of opportunities for mobile and digital marketers.

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Quick Facts
Population: 107,668,231 (July 2014 est.)
Capital: Manila
Mobile Operators: Smart & Sun (69mill), Globe (45.4mill)
Active mobile subscribers: 106, 987, 098
Mobile penetration rate: 101% on average 1.01 phone per person
Currency: Peso (Filipino: piso) (₱) (PHP)

 Operator  MCCMNC  Price € (EUR)  Sender ID  Support MNP Delivery Report (DLR)
SMART 51503 0.02 FOREST Yes No (Direct Connection)
SUN 51505 0.02 FOREST Yes No (Direct Connection)
GLOBE 51501,02 0.02 FOREST Yes No (Direct Connection)

Unicode is not supported by all network operators in Philippines.